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L A Hooker

"L.A. Hooker"

“L.A. Hooker” depicts the beautiful ‘76 Mustang II funny car that was the last and finest incarnation of several “Hookers” campaigned by the Condit Brothers and the Beaver Brothers (Southern California nitro addicts who were also family and inspiration to a young John Force).

David Condit fearlessly shoed the colorful entries into the hearts of fans across the nation, with Gene Beaver and brother Steve Condit making the horsepower and pioneering innovations still in use today.

Artist's Notes: A very entertaining book could be written about the combined racing adventures of the Beavers and the Condits; two Southern California "clans" that not only had considerable impact on the evolution of funny car racing, but were colorful and "unforgettable characters" at the same time.

The cast included Patriarch Bill Condit, "Mom" Bea Condit, brothers Bill, Dave and Steve Condit combined with their cousins, Richard and his brother Gene Beaver. Everyone who knew Gene Beaver knows that he was one of the craziest, funniest people we'll ever meet. More than once I've woke myself up laughing because "Uncle Beav" was holding court in my dreams.

Sandy Condit commissioned me to do this piece back in 1976 as a Christmas gift for Dave and it's hung over the mantle ever since. Thanks for allowing us to have it reproduced for all to enjoy.